Zameen Asmaan Ek Kardunga

"Zameen Asmaan Ek Kardunga..." thats surely one of the most cliche statement in bollywood. Having it as a title was more relevant towards its literal meaning as i experienced it in real.

Not that i recently conquered a huge aggregation of tasks to achieve something, to quote such a statement... but it means more like The earth and the sky were one as i stand at a height of 3000ft.
Last sunday, yet another trek... a more enduring one.. to The Duke's nose, was a real visual treat.

The trek kicks off with ever tempting waterfalls of the Sayadharis. A quick wash in the cold stream, some bruises on the knee (act or over enthusiasm, climbing the slippery rocks of the falls) and most imp... a few clicks and poses.
Once you thirst is quenched, you move upwards, the sloppy path ascending into the lush green forest.
Higher you go, tougher it gets, and to add more.... poorer it gets on the sight.
On the last leg, you are treated with the open sky Oh... take a look find sky there too...!!!

All of a sudden you find yourself encapsulated in this bleached capsule. So white and so void... it at once reminded me of the movie matrix (part 1 - where neo, first time is taken inside the matrix... the null, infinite, white room.... not sure if you could call that a room)... i was awestruck

The clouds blind you from all the 4 directions into such a extend that you cant see the narrow path ahead, beyond a couple of meters.

Thats wat i call ...."Zameen Asmaan Ek karna"... you just dont have to do anything for it. ;-)

A thin film of mist is left all over your skin, as you walk though those clouds, makes a clear impression of how plants might be enjoying the dew every morning..... man i envied them so much.
No sooner than this enticing nature settles into me, the winds grew stronger scattering apart the clouds. The depth of the valley unveiled, and our jaws touching ground.
The green from the lands shimmered as the clouds gave away exposing a spectacular collation of the white-clouds, green-fields and the graphite-rock face of the duke's nose, surely thats some where close to heaven.

After coding hundreds of lines the whole week, hundreds of steps into the wild on a sunday makes a real worth of living life. I dont want to get into the physical benefits of treks but all that matters is a 'change' Partying on a friday night motivates you even more for a sunday like this,
as you've already filled the quota of being wasted.
Time to pump some endurance.

One must surely take all the benefits of the monsoon nature... same way we do to save taxes from stupid schemes.
Getting wet has a whole new dimension.... explore it..!!!


  1. Congratualtions for putting a whole new twist on the two great cliches of our time...."zameen asmaan ek kardunga" and also "Getting wet".....nice post..that trip must have been a blast!

  2. Nice post man.. And Dukes Nose is just an awesome trek.. Agree with you, have done it twice, once in similar conditions that you experienced..

  3. Good post! Nice to hear about your adventures! :)

  4. very vivid description dude... it is so much fun and thrilling to read... I'm sure the trek must have been a heavenly experience... Kudos!

  5. amazing!since am reading this post now(too late)..but am happy..monsoon is coming n ill be acompnying you for treks soon!!!