Zameen Asmaan Ek Kardunga

"Zameen Asmaan Ek Kardunga..." thats surely one of the most cliche statement in bollywood. Having it as a title was more relevant towards its literal meaning as i experienced it in real.

Not that i recently conquered a huge aggregation of tasks to achieve something, to quote such a statement... but it means more like The earth and the sky were one as i stand at a height of 3000ft.
Last sunday, yet another trek... a more enduring one.. to The Duke's nose, was a real visual treat.

The trek kicks off with ever tempting waterfalls of the Sayadharis. A quick wash in the cold stream, some bruises on the knee (act or over enthusiasm, climbing the slippery rocks of the falls) and most imp... a few clicks and poses.
Once you thirst is quenched, you move upwards, the sloppy path ascending into the lush green forest.
Higher you go, tougher it gets, and to add more.... poorer it gets on the sight.
On the last leg, you are treated with the open sky Oh... take a look find sky there too...!!!

All of a sudden you find yourself encapsulated in this bleached capsule. So white and so void... it at once reminded me of the movie matrix (part 1 - where neo, first time is taken inside the matrix... the null, infinite, white room.... not sure if you could call that a room)... i was awestruck

The clouds blind you from all the 4 directions into such a extend that you cant see the narrow path ahead, beyond a couple of meters.

Thats wat i call ...."Zameen Asmaan Ek karna"... you just dont have to do anything for it. ;-)

A thin film of mist is left all over your skin, as you walk though those clouds, makes a clear impression of how plants might be enjoying the dew every morning..... man i envied them so much.
No sooner than this enticing nature settles into me, the winds grew stronger scattering apart the clouds. The depth of the valley unveiled, and our jaws touching ground.
The green from the lands shimmered as the clouds gave away exposing a spectacular collation of the white-clouds, green-fields and the graphite-rock face of the duke's nose, surely thats some where close to heaven.

After coding hundreds of lines the whole week, hundreds of steps into the wild on a sunday makes a real worth of living life. I dont want to get into the physical benefits of treks but all that matters is a 'change' Partying on a friday night motivates you even more for a sunday like this,
as you've already filled the quota of being wasted.
Time to pump some endurance.

One must surely take all the benefits of the monsoon nature... same way we do to save taxes from stupid schemes.
Getting wet has a whole new dimension.... explore it..!!!

Waterfall Rappelling.... a life time experience

I think the “monsoon me” in me has taken up to its fullest....trekking, hiking, riding every weekend to some of the most picturesque locations in the Sahyadris.
Its has been ever refreshing and thrilling to be amongst those daunting mountains with clouds engulfing them as if to cast a spell of invisibility,
the waterfalls being swayed away before touching ground into a fine mist of smokey mist, seems as if the water itself wants don’t wanna come down,
the winds so pure and clean that it makes you breath higher (feels the same way like you come out from moccha after spending hours inside ;-)

I regrettably lost touch from much of this beautiful nature during my engineering, but here i am.... all back in form, every sunday packing my bags. The experience is had the last sunday was really a breath taking one.
Waterfall Rappelling........WTF thats the first reacting i had..!!!
How can one geting himself in a position right below a 6 story high, one step waterfall, tied up all alone in the air, facing the waters rushing onto you... The pressure was so much that you just couldn’t think of having the guts to look up. standing under a waterfall (which most of us havve done) is far different than decending down with the water itself.

The chilling spine that it gave the first time we saw the falls, was unforgettable... the winds getting stronger, my turn getting closer... oh man... i was going cold. Getting geared up was another huge task. Trekking equipments can sometimes be really complicated. The harness, clamps, ropes, karabiners and most imp.. the helmet.

To write about what i was going through as the waters stoned me to obstruct their path... would be far away from the real experience (partly bcoz of my writting skills ;-p ).
The rattling sound of the waters some how produced an intense hollowness. I forgot everything, who i am, what i do, where...why....everything...!!! all i was concern was not the fear of falling, but to enjoy the openness of the nature around me.
Never can one forget such an experience....!!!

The most efficient solutions are by the most in need

Some of the most ingenious, super efficient inventions and solutions to daily problems developed by the anonymous poor mass of India.
This presentation by Anil Gupt at the TED India conference clearly defines what it means by
"the brains at the margin are not the marginal ones".

He displays as overwhelming collection of solutions, devices, inventions and modifications that Indians have implemented, who are living life at the edge to curb their daily recurring problems and for which the government is clueless.

The presentation starts with an interesting picture that the indian government has on its official site(the one above). Look at the way he criticizes it.

To highlight a few of the innovations...
modifying a pressure cooker for a coffee maker,
a movable washing machine on a scooter,
a small scale, movable wheat crusher.. again on scooter,
a clay made frying pan,
a coconut tree climber.... u wear it like a shoe n climb the tree as if u are walking

and the best one... a cycle that moves on water....
this some 70yr old guy wanted to meet his girlfriend who stays across a river... which in turn motivates him to find a solution as he ran out of patience waiting for a boat.... hats off.!!!

Entrepreneur... the kids who got their homework others

Do you feel bored at school?
Do u fall back in classes?
do you make ur friends do ur homework?
.....then u r on your way to be a future Entrepreneur

This is an amazing piece for kids who want to grow up and be Entrepreneurs (self made business men). Cameron Herold explains how kids show traits of becoming a good engineer, doctor, lawyer etc.... also show traits of being a successful manager.

Like for instance... if you aren't good at might sometime ask their friends to do the homework... or simply copy.
the fact remains undisputed... business men hire accountants to do their math.

Whats more important is that you get the job done.

He further goes about explaining how patents can identify traits... and groom them appropriately for looking towards the managerial inclination....

A few of his views are bound to contradict with us.... as he goes about suggesting the monthly allowance is a bad habit for kids.... (not in india atleast)
as kids should be made to look for work that would make them earn...

View the video for more amazing facts and steps to be an Entrepreneur

PICT online... a whole new look

Got the opportunity of viewing the new PICT web site first hand, before launch. It’s a whole new look, decent design, great pictures (of campus and other extra activities). I am not sure about the designer, but its surely a better one than the previous.
Check out the page for library and cultural activity… it’s a brilliant display of PICT assets, never before it looked so good.
Talking about the recency of the pics… I am sure people can tag them…. ‘outdated’

They should provide better and latest features like RSS feeds, twitter updates, google reader, etc etc.
It would really make students interact, alongside keeping up the technical essence. Moreover the college would benefit more in terms of student feedback, interaction, public awareness and most important student associativity towards college.

Almost everyone has some social networking account…. Its definitely easy to create a facebook app. Or a tweek app and hock it up with the site….
Come on guys… we are no more living in the era of dial up…. PICT provides an amazing internet connectivity… (I downloaded @500 kbps)… I am sure the hostel guys would know better….
'College internet is slow
….' Is just not the reason man…
So many times we come up in college… saying these lines…

“kya profile pic dala hai…ek number”,

“you saw xyz’s goa pics… saale ne bahut aaish kiya hai…”

“Kal ke party ke pics upload kiya kay…”

…… indeed….. we all know what I am talking about….

If ppl can open 2 tabs simultaneously, one for gmail n other for facebook, we can surely infiltrate them to go for the 3rd tab having the college web site… for updates, news, etc.

Guys can come up with such great projects (mini or large)… adding more to the knowledge and putting IT to a much ethnologic use. There’s an whole array of assorted tools, softwares, APIs, ideas available that we can learn and put to use creatively and constructively making Information Technology a better thing to know and enjoy.

In heartiest courtesy towards PICT new website

An endless drive

This one is after I drove for 6 hrs non-stop.
With the climate going ferocious, i meet the first rains of monsoons on the highway with pitch dark sky and an orechestrated display of lightening. My car and I both had the time of our lives..

It’s a long ride,

and I’ve been driving for quite a while.

need to stretch limbs and crack some bones,

its time to sip a tea

The engine’s going hot

and airs’ turning cold

the suns’ going down

but I’m staying up

for every mile that passes,

the sign boards keep flashing

but each time i gaze

it gets more n more distant.

I face the gleaming headlights

cleanse through the blurring rains

conquer the fallacious ghats

and cruise over straightened lanes.

The trance keeps playing

I grab a steady beat,

honking behind, I make others give way

overtaking all, I gain on pace.

no darker can the sky grow

no faster can my car go

my eyes are getting tired

and my mind’s going anxious.

With patience I steer

the ticking time makes me fear

coz I need to reach home fast

or things are going really harsh

as the city arrives, I get more eager

familiar roads and the same old poles

the busy streets and the ever red signals

finally I reach the gates,

parked my car and pull the brakes.

I get out and my senses return,

blood starts flowing…

Oh I get the feel, my ass is still a part of me.

a hot shower and good nite is all I bid myself….

thinking of the time i spent

before the ride.... all through the night,

a random thought

It was a usual nite, around 11.30p.m, i was surfing the net.
Got a call from one of my friend in college
asking for a doubt in data structures... it then struck me that many ppl had their DS prac the next day.

So thought I'll wish them luck.... and out of no where i made this and sent it to all
(please bear the hindi spellings)

code karte karte hum iss taraha uljhe
na preorder kaam aaya na postorder

jab BST ke zhakmo ko threads se sii ne gaye
tab pirms aaur kruskal ne aaisa hash kiya
ki hum Depth aaur breadth dono taraha se
files mein bikhar gaye

code karte karte hum iss taraha uljhe
na preorder kaam aaya na postorder...!!!